Our trio of aspiring game developers have created a side scrolling shooter where you act as an individual, exploring the wonders of space. However, an alien vessel has intercepted yours and is consuming its fuel source - you know, for their own metabolic processes. You must destroy them before they destroy you and your chances of getting home, or anywhere for that matter. 

The game involves keeping a timer from reaching 0 by collecting pickups from enemies you defeat while simultaneously keeping your health up. If you manage to get your timer up to a score of 2000, your ship will be fueled enough to launch yourself far from the Alien Overflow and back to your home galaxy. This acts as our first ever Ludum Dare (40) and we appreciate any and all feedback. For the most part, we believe it somewhat matches our original scope, however it lacks polish and was a lot smaller than we had originally planned. None the less it functions and we hope any who play enjoy.

All resources were entirely and painstakingly made by us.


W, A, S, D - Movement
Space - Jump
Left Click - Shoot
Shift - Lock movement


AlienOverflow_64bit.zip 16 MB
AlienOverflow_32bit.zip 14 MB

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